Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mad libs participation


I first learned the concept of "mad lib comics" from my friend Juan (he might not have been the FIRST-first to mention it to me, but I forgot about this game until reading it again on his tumblr entry here.)

What I'm asking you is: to fill in the word balloons for comics whose word balloons (and text) have been deleted. I know my readers aren't a very outspoken crowd, but if I get any responses I will post them here. I'm just curious about what kind of stuff might come up. If you would like to mad lib any other comic of mine, feel free to do so as well.

The original comic for Mad Lib #1 will show up on January 10, 2015, and the original comic for Mad Lib #2 on January 15, 2015.

Email your comic mad libs to pigsinmaputo(at)

Have fun!
Mad Lib #1

Mad Lib #2

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