Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Brown Family

Actually, I'm on vacation for the entire month of August doing some yoga training and the Pigs in Maputo comics I had prepared ahead of time for the month ran out. Therefore, this week I am going to post about some of the comic artists I like. Many of them were introduced to me by Alex Noriega (the Spanish dude), after he brought back a bunch of comics from TCAF in 2011.
The first trio is what I call "The Brown Family", because their last names are all Brown. Chester Brown, Jeffrey Brown and Box Brown. I don't think they are related. If they are brothers, I'm pretty sure they have different mothers.
Chester Brown is Canadian and I read his book "Paying for It", an autobiographical account of his relationship with professional women (prostitutes). It is an awesome book, with lots of references and footnotes. This is the book I was referring to in my post The River Test.
Jeffrey Brown wrote a lot of comic books, and my favorite is "I am going to be small", but I haven't read all of his books yet.
Box Brown has, among other things, a print series called "Everything Dies" that includes "A Heart of Stonework", a story about a monk, as well as explanations on different religions. It's great because it feels like a little spiritual class through comics but not really.

And here is a picture of Charlie Brown, perhaps the most famous character from the Brown family.