Monday, May 6, 2013

Google Reader


  1. I first had bloglines, and when it died, I had to make the move to reader. Now that I've let Reader to be a part of my life just as Gmail, they letting it die.

    I understand your sorrow. And alex is wrong, they won't do anything.

    I have found a lot of RSS readers, but the more comfortable to my is Feedly. you just sign up using your reader account, and there they are, all your feeds and saved posts.

    I'll keep using Reader till its last breath, but I know the minute it's gone, i can log on feedly and everything will be (sort of) the same.

  2. I'm using Feedly since the notice of Google ending Reader and think that it's a lot better.

  3. I lost my faith in google after Readers death announcement

  4. I was also devasteded after hearing this awful decisition. Try Skimr or NewsBlur. These readers focus on the content(not like flipboard!)

    1. I like flipboard. I can't get why it's not considered as a google reader replacement!?! Another good one I've found is really cool app

  5. thank you for this comic! i wanted to use it as a place to run a poll among the people who comment about what would be the best replacement, but they had already started the discussion! Thank you Iris and thank you people who have enlightened me :)

  6. I also wish I had the faith Alex has in Google (some of my friends do too). Google is not coming up and will not come up with something new. It is still trying to deal with Facebook so pushing its clients to use Google+ which is like the (unsuccessful) version 1 million of their alternative to Facebook. They did not succeed and I don't think they will since most of the Google clients using not only the search engine but also other Google tools are geeks or semi-geeks and they are not the type to use Google+ to share their favorite photos, songs, blogs and so on to get likes and comments. This is my humble opinion -and probably I am wrong.

  7. So far I am really enjoying using the feed reader
    He is very social as well as better than GReader can share any post with just one click.

    And one big difference is that it accepts Google Alerts.