Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More places to download the comic Capulanas and Sweets


I've noticed that some people look at the Capulanas and Sweets comic page at Gumroad but decide not to download it (even though it's FREE).

I'm guessing there may be many reasons for this:

(a) because I will have your email address if you choose to download it (it's true; but unfortunately I don't get to see any credit card numbers) and I will send infinite spams to you in the future
(b) because it is a 70MB file and you don't have enough internet superpowers to download it
(c) because the comic cover sucks and/or the synopsis sounds boring
(d) because you are pigs die-hard fan and non-pig comics suck

Just in case it is due to reason (a), here is another place you can download the comic -!  I don't get to see your email anymore, the files are smaller, you can read it on your kindle, but the trade off here is that it's not free, and I had to break the book into two volumes and delete 4 pages from volume 2 (otherwise it was too big to convert to kindle readable format).

Click here for volume 1.

Click here for volume 2.

Click here to go back to where you could have downloaded it for free.

Enjoy!  (I have plans for other long non-pig comics, but it's going to take a while to get a new one done....)


  1. I downloaded and read it already, but the file was kind of too heavy. My pdf reader stutter when I change page.
    Is it possible to make it in CBR/CBZ? I dont know how standards go for digital comics, but CBRs works best for me...

  2. Or (e) I forgot (because I was checking it at work and couldn't download it immediately). Thanks for the reminder! WOOOOOOOOOOOO READING MATERIAL FOR THE TRAIN RIDE!!! (to Bremen!)

  3. b) Sadly my work internet is rubbish. I the interim I'v ementioned you on twitter and Facebook - its the least I can do for now! X

  4. I for one postponed downloading because I would've wanted to pay for the comic but there was no paypal option. I'll be back though!