Sunday, February 7, 2016



  1. Better asleep than watching and worrying about it. Ahh zzz...

  2. There was an earthquake when I was in a conference hotel once. I woke and my bed was shaking like someone big had jumped on it. But the door was locked and all was quiet. The window was cracked open, but only enough for a squirrel. I tried to believe it had been a squirrel, but my mind kept telling me that was b.s. How big would it have to be to bounce me like that in a queen bed!? So then I realized it could only have been a ghost. I tried hard to remember a respectable prayer- I thought maybe a Catholic one would be best. I knew the first line of Hail Mary and then just begged protection from the Almighty ad lib for the next few parts, trying not to rhyme or anything irreverent like that, and imagined the thing watching me with anticipatory glee as I screwed it up. Next morning my coworker was like "so.. you feel that earthquake!" And I almost wept for joy. :D