Non-pig comics

Journey using Ed Emberley's style

Pages from CCS First Year Final Project

Based on an Aesop's Fable


Wally Wood 22 panels and a twist

Rejected cartoon submitted to a library

Inspired by Al Jaffee's Mad Magazine Fold-Ins

Merry Christmas 2012!

Cartoons for CIPE 2012

Fiz uma breve adaptação da história de uma ex-menina de rua que encontrei online.

Imitating Alec Longstreth
His comic

My comic

Imitating Lilli Carré 

Based on her three comics below:

I made two slightly different comics:


Imitating Melissa Mendes 

Based on her two Freddy comics below, I made two slightly different Freddy comics.

Imitating Patrick McDonnell's Mutts

Sexual offense poster

Sea monkey ad

Children book


  1. I like the drawing in the monk story the best.

  2. just hope you finish the book before Iker gets his first shave.