Friday, October 22, 2010

Today, my cartoons didn't make it to FMyLife. FML

So some of my cartoons were going to show up in on October 2, 2010. Since they never did, I've decided to post them here. I couldn't find all the original FML posts, so I had to reconstruct them. Apologies.

"Today, I was coming back with a coworker home, and we saw my wife in the kitchen with only a Santa hat on. FML"

Today, I untied the rope that was tied to my dog's collar because it was wrapped around the tree choking him. He immediately ran off down the street. I had to chase him barefoot in my boxers for 20 minutes till he got tired. FML

 "Today, my little sister told my mother that she heard a boy in my room. I was alone but my mother was convinced that the boy jumped out of the window. FML

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