Monday, December 20, 2010

Pigs in Maputo temporarily in São Paulo

Pigs in Maputo are temporarily spending vacation in Brazil. Here are some cartoons drawn in São Paulo.


  1. hauhauahauhauahuahauahuahauahuahau

    a facebook whore,
    caring about blogs,
    porn x erotica.

    It's good to be home


  2. Is that 'Alex Noriega' waiting for his fans? [I wish I could had gone!]

  3. Hey, there!

    I live in Brasil and I'm happy to hear you were here. I came back to read your blog too late, though. If you come back, tell us with a little advance! I'd really enjoy meeting the creator of Pigs in Maputo! It's simply a really nice, true and funny comic strip! Hoping you get published some day soon! Best regards from São Paulo-Brasil!

  4. I used to read the blog by Google Reader.
    And I'm a brazilian girl. :)