Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How long have you lived here already?

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  1. Hello! I got here by clicking on a link, that led me to a picture, that led me to another link, that led me to a website with more pictures, that led me to a comic-section, that led me to "stuff no one told me", that led me to... well... here.

    Just want to say; Nice work! I lol'd alot (Sorry for nerd-slang. To much gaming, I suppose). Very charismatic and nicely done cartoons. Keep it up! [Insert random happy smiley here]

    Best regards
    Niklas from Gotland (An island next to Sweden. We're a part of Sweden. But we're not really swedes. But in one way we are. Not that you asked. But... Well.. Now you know.)

    Ps. It's 04:00 AM and I'm overtired and can't stop typing once I start. I was about to write only "Hello! Nice job!" But that failed. And now I'm still typing. Good night. Ds.