Monday, March 11, 2013



  1. I can't find the journal article for it but here is a regular article on baby names (if you didn't know already):

    It's probably my bias for English sounds but Nampula sounds awful. It sounds like a name from Africa/indigenous SA; not that there is anything bad with that per se. The -la gives it a feminine touch but the beginning has a combination of nasal&plosive sounds make itmore masculine/awful. Besides onomatopoeias and perhaps a select few words, you don't see the -mp- sequence very often in English. Even in mandarin though, you don't see a nasal+plosive sequence.
    The smile in panel 1 is great.
    Also I guess you could call your daughter 'Nampula' without naming her that.

  2. Only bullies and popular kids don't get teased. Your kids probably will be neither.