Monday, April 15, 2013

Dog City Press!

Dog City is a small press comics magazine dedicated to publishing quality minicomics.

Each issue of Dog City consists of a curated selection of minicomics packaged in an artfully designed cardboard box.

Issue 1 of Dog City contains over 120 pages of comics in the form of 8 mini-comics by more than 10 creators from around the world. The box also includes stickers, screen-printed art cards, a poster and a printed magazine about comics and comics culture.

Lear more about it HERE.

One of the comics is mine! With a beautiful screen-printed cover! Plus 7 additional comics by other cartoonists, a poster and all kinds of freebies! It's a collector's edition! A super deal! (shipping within the United States already included)

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  1. Wannnnnnntttttttt! Except I'm still doing that buy-nothing challenge, so I'm going to pre-order FIRST THING IN MAY. YAAAA!