Friday, April 19, 2013

Need opinion on pig-version of Fifty Shades of Grey

As you all know, I'm not into interacting with readers of this blog much, but I have finally decided to read (or try to) Fifty Shades of Grey and draw it pigs-style afterwards. I haven't started reading yet, but I know there are two main characters plus two, and I haven't decided how to draw each one, and I need an opinion on this. 
Above are the animals I can draw - if you would like to see any particular animal used, please leave a comment! 
The main ones are: 
(1) Christian Grey, 27 year old, BDSM fan, 
(2) Anastasia Steele, 21 year old, BDSM apprentice, 
(3) Kate, Anastasia's roommate, and 
(4) Christian's mother, who thought he was gay.


  1. I haven't read the book myself, but I would go for the pig as Anastasia, and the Lion as Christian (or is that too cliché?). I think the rhino would make a good 'mom' (or the beaver?) and I really like that cat, so depending on the character of the roommate I would draw either the cat, or, if her personality is a bit more shy, the little penguin. J

  2. For me it would be:
    Lion - Christian
    Bunny - Anastasia
    Cat - Kate
    The bear between the lion and turtle on top - Mother

  3. (1) Dinosaur
    (2) Cat
    (3) Bird
    (4) Penguin

    As a reader, Iris should always be Iris (or relatives), is burned in my mind.

  4. I was trying to say that Iris should always be the Pig.

  5. Wanted to say Lion / Bunny too. Don't know the book to justify the rest. :)

  6. 1 - Bunny (naughty)
    2 - Cat (cute)
    3 - Bear (the first one, the one on the top) (pretty)
    4 - Giraffe (cluess)

  7. 1 - peacock
    2 - bunny
    3 - penguin
    4 - dinosaur

  8. The mother? Grace? WTF, she's not main xD

    But I would go for:

    Bunny: Anastasia
    Lion: Christian
    Cat: Kate

    Main carachter here would be Anastasia's friend José, a monkey could work.

  9. Cristian is the Bear, and Anastacia is the Pic :)

  10. Não li o livro, e uma versão pigs soa bem!

    Acho que a principal tinha que ser a porquinha, pôxa! Já estou acostumada com ela como protagonista...

    1. 1. Don't use pig/bear, I will keep thinking it's you and alex!
      2. Don't use bird/penguin for christian or Anastasia, they will do things in the book that will require limbs!

  11. Good advice from Anonymous.

    I'd go with (1) Polar bear (2) Pig (3) Cat (4) Rabbit.

  12. Don't use the Monkey!! (Looks too much like your uncle/my dad)

    From your anonymous cousin :)