Thursday, June 27, 2013

Now that the year is over


  1. So you finished? I thought you had to leave early or something bc of visa issues.

    1. People at the school let me finish at a distance!

    2. Awesome, congrats! Now that you've worn so many different hats, what are your next plans/project?
      Here are some of my suggestions:
      -write a cheesy raunchy romance novels that sells millions
      -start a movie critique blog and rise to fame to eventually be a movie review editor at the chicago tribune
      -develop a business plan using your array of knowledge to create a startup to be backed by vc/crowd sourcing
      -become an influential organizer/leader in the riots in Brazil
      -im not sure if they taught you this in clown school but learn how to juggle really well

  2. congratulations!!! We love your pigs!