Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Dear All, I've decided not to post Pigs in Maputo daily anymore to work on longer projects.


  1. i didn't have any complaints about how "lame" the cartoons are. i don't exactly know what you think that "lame" is, but i like your comics. but of course, work is more important. do as you like mrs noriega. i'm here as soon as you post something ^^

    greetings from istanbul, turkey.

  2. Oh no .. that's so sad ... I actually like your blog because it's daily updated. Anyway, napping is important.

  3. You have to live your life as you see fit. Pigs is a very fun, entertaining, and enjoyable read. But I can understand that you don't feel the Pigs 'spirit' creatively as you had in the past. I will miss the daily comics because I sure do love reading them and getting a view on life from your (meaning the Pigs) perspective. I feel as if a close friend has decided to move to a distant land and I'll miss them dearly. However, it's not like Pigs has died, they will still be around.

    Good luck with your other project(s).

  4. I've been feeling like that too. (And now I've got this stupid semi-daily routine now. blegh) I feel like I should learn to draw things that aren't just about my lame and ordinary life (but you already do that anyway with your other comics). In any case, I'm looking forward to your other stuff! Have an awesome 2014!

  5. I've reading your comics daily for a couple of years and I've always enjoyed them. I do not think they have gotten any worse but I understand the part of it feeling like a chore.

    Thanks for sharing your comics, they are fun and unique.

  6. I liked the long term project idea.
    Another greeting from Turkey. :) (I wonder how many mor fans you have in Turkey. :))

  7. The nice side of me wants to wish you success in everything you try. But the self-centered, selfish, narcissist part of me hates you for taking my daily dose of pigs.

  8. I never read your comic hoping it would make me laugh, but, it always did put a smile on my face. Recognition.
    Whatever you do, please find the time to put some of it online; it will make me smile, i'm certain of that.

    Found you through Alex (who i never wrote a comment to, although his "weight of things" meant the world to me..), and i'll keep coming back even if you change your update routine.

    Happy new years from Sweden,


  9. You had me scared that you were gonna drop the Pigs entirely, whew, glad you will continue. Have some good naps!

    I know it's hard when the end of the year comes and you make that long list of the important things you didn't do (well) and the short list of the things you've done right. Pigs were, to me at least, about showing an idea, a scene, a feeling, an emotion. Never thought of Pigs as _defined_ as 'funny', but I always have _described_ it as very gentle-spirited and humorous. I have built a friendship with this little comic, and I'm very grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to enjoy it, so I hope you put Pigs on the 'done well' list :)

    Best wishes in the new year, do what you feel is best for you!

  10. Do as you feel you need to do... but please, make some comics about those naps!

    Maybe you should start a Pigs Taking Naps blogs?

    greetings from chile

  11. ACK!!! Slacker! Slacker!!! (blame my agressiveness on withdrawal symptoms).