Wednesday, April 1, 2015

CCS Shout Out Day

April 2nd is The Center for Cartoon Studies' Shout Out Day! Please check CCS's website out!
It's early enough for potential applicants to apply for fall semester and register for summer classes. CCS is also celebrating its 10th anniversary this fall!

Studying there might not be cheap (it cost me the car I will never buy), but it was certainly worth it. I learned a lot of things about comics (even if I don't necessarily apply them to my pigs...), and met a lot of people who were passionate about comics, and who made me feel I wasn't the only weird person in the world (nor the most awkward).

Here is a photo of my graduating class. I left school a year before the rest of my classmates, so I had to Photoshop myself into the picture.

This is the official unofficial photo, and Luke Healy is hidden behind Sara.

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